Fiduciary Pledge

Thank you for placing your trust in us to serve your wealth management needs through coordinated financial planning and investment management services.

Precedent Financial Strategies, and every person on our team promise to exercise our best and most valiant effort to serve you, our client, and to act in good faith and in your best interest at all times. We will strive to maintain the clarity of mind to identify conflicts of interest, and the personal character to avoid them wherever possible. If a conflict cannot be avoided, we will openly discuss it with you and provide written disclosure of anything that could compromise the impartiality and independence of our service and professional advice to you.

We do not receive and will not accept any compensation, commission, or other remuneration that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product by you. This promise extends to any other entity or third-party in which we have a financial interest. We also do not receive any fees or other compensation from anyone based on the referral of a client or the client’s business.

As a fiduciary for your wealth, we strive to exhibit intelligence, wisdom, and humility in our work and advice. We have an obligation as stewards to continuously pursue knowledge and the proper application of this knowledge to your unique circumstances, relying on wisdom shaped by our experience and yours. We are keenly aware that we can be wrong, and will err on the side of prudence and capital preservation.

As a firm and as individuals, we invest our own capital alongside our clients, ensuring that our interests are closely aligned with yours. We resolutely remain privately owned by our employees, surrounding ourselves with colleagues that share the same values and priorities, are directly engaged with our clients, and benefit from our work when our clients benefit.

In the management of our investment portfolios, we will maintain a historical perspective and risk-averse nature. We will remain alert and aware of changes in the markets, economy, political process, and society as we make decisions — recognizing that what seems prudent at one time, may not be prudent at another time. Rather than blindly following the latest investment fashion, we will choose to tack against it when necessary in order to best protect, preserve, and build your wealth.

This is our promise to you.

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