We build financial

health for


We help medical professionals optimize their wealth and create long-term financial success now, and during tough transitions.

We help couples


with dignity.

We provide divorce financial solutions for clarity and confidence throughout the process, and for the years to come.

We build retirement

solutions for

busy professionals.

We help professionals and families reach retirement on their terms, with effective investment income solutions and tax strategies.

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Caring for the financial situation

of those who care for us.

We create financial strategies to support your lifestyle, so you can:

  • Focus on your calling.
  • Build a resilient financial situation for your family.
  • Experience wealth as a gift, not a burden.

What you get


We work together to form a clear picture of your financial situation.


We’ll help you articulate your ambitions and desires, creating a purpose for your financial decisions.


We build a framework for making successful financial decisions that support your vision.


We are committed to helping you continue to succeed as life continually changes.

We are a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to our clients.

We don’t sell financial products of any kind and we put your best interest first, always.

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What it takes




We’ll turn the constant flow of financial information and documents you currently receive into a well-organized picture of your income, benefits, taxes, assets, investments, debts, and more. You’ll know exactly where you stand in every aspect of your financial well-being.

Output: Financial Statements and Record Organization




Working toward making your vision a reality, we’ll identify where your points of leverage are, what you can be doing better, and what you can be doing smarter. Your next steps will become crystal clear as we find the balance between your lifestyle today and your lifestyle in the future, and prioritize the pieces of your financial plan.

Output: Financial Milestones and Timeline of Next Steps




We all go to work – you do your calling, and we do our calling. Our team will deliver on all the next steps and continuously reassess your situation and adjust accordingly. You’ll be able to effectively respond to the changes in your life as they happen. You keep us informed, and we keep you on track.

Output: Summary Plan and Strategies to respond to every change in life

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Kenneth Klabunde

Master of Science, Personal Financial Planning


Thank you for visiting! I founded Precedent Financial Strategies to provide wealth optimization solutions to those seeking professional guidance. We will work together to build a financial plan to fulfill your vision and create clear, concise action plans, tax reduction strategies, investment and lifetime income solutions, and optimize every aspect of your personal finances. You will be advised by me personally, along with our team of dedicated professionals.

I have been serving clients as a financial advisor since 1997, and specialize in the uniquely complex needs of physicians and similar professional families, particularly those going through divorce and rebuilding thereafter. We serve clients throughout the United States, and those living in the Cincinnati and Indianapolis regions.

If you are seeking expertise in personal finance, investment and income solutions, tax strategies, and divorce finances, I invite you to schedule a time for you and I to talk about your situation.

Financial Advisor – Financial Planner – Fiduciary – Fee Only

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